What are the different types of dyslexia?

Primary dyslexia- This type of dyslexia is the most common in children and adults. This group of people with primary dyslexia experiences problems with letter and number identification, spelling, reading, instructions, and even time. Some people with primary dyslexia are rarely able to read above a fourth-grade level. Studies have shown that primary dyslexia is hereditary and is passed in family lines through their genes.

Trauma dyslexia-This type of dyslexia is usually occurs when the brain suffers extreme trauma or injury to the area of the brain that controls reading and writing. Trauma dyslexia is also caused by a serious illness. Dyslexia can develop due to a continuous flu or cold. Ear infection can also cause dyslexia in small children.


Secondary dyslexia- Is caused by problems in the developmental process of the brain in an unborn fetus. This type of dyslexia is more common in boys than girls. With age, a child may be able to overcome his dyslexia with the right schooling and training.